Are The Costs Of Infertility Treatments Justified?

Society pressurizes couples to get pregnant and reproduce and couple’s often give in to that pressure even when they are not completely ready to have a baby of their own giving rise to a generation of children that parents cannot afford to look after. Of course, when a couple discovers that they are infertile, they are often faced with ridicule and tend to feel ashamed, almost broken due to their inability to give birth and they will then turn to various expensive unnatural treatment plans in a bid to get pregnant somehow. Of course the medical industry and the fertility clinics thrive based on this pressure placed on couples and most couples will end up spending everything that they own in an effort to get pregnant somehow.

Adoption and orphanages

Meanwhile of course, while couples are spending thousands of dollars at IVF clinics to avoid the “shame” of infertility placed on them by society, there are thousands of babies stuck at orphanages with no one to love them or no families. However, society somehow makes adoption a taboo subject and this is something that needs to be changed.

An IVF pregnancy is certainly not something that is guaranteed and in most cases, couples will spend everything they own on trying to successfully get pregnant only to come out on the other side with no pregnancy and no money at all.

This is something that needs to be changed because all of this money that is going to fertility clinics in Dubai can be spent on this babies at orphanages if only society would rid itself of the taboo placed on adoption. Becoming a parent is not about sharing DNA with your child but about loving your child unconditionally and nurturing a child. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on unnatural procedures that may and may not work, parents to be should be encouraged to invest that money in a baby that is already born and has nothing. We need to work toward getting rid of the taboo of adoption and infertility and focus on reducing the population so that we can each have a better life. It is also vital that we understand that it is perfectly alright to choose not to have a baby at all and live life to the fullest without having to reproduce to prove a point to anyone. Fortunately the world is changing and many women are choosing to remain unmarried or childless in this day and age which is indeed helping with population reduction.