Challenges Associated With Building A Tall Building

Building tall buildings are one of the best ways to maximize a small amount of space. In urban cities, where horizontal space and area is a commodity that many cannot afford, the only option left is to either move out to less populated areas or build upwards. For most people, moving out of town is not a viable option so the best thing for them to do is built vertically. Real estate developers have taken notice of this and are rushing to build high rise apartments and buildings that can accommodate multiple families and businesses. Building tall buildings require a lot more effort than it seems like. One of the obvious challenges with building a tall building is to make sure the foundation is set well and that it can withstand the load and weight of the structure. This was an issue faced by our ancestors who used bricks and masonry to build tall buildings which in turn increased the weight of the whole structure. Thanks to technological advancements though, nowadays steel and concrete can be used to build a strong and sturdy structure that does not weigh an impossible amount.

If the building is a high rise apartment, elevators companies in UAE must be recruited to install lift and escalators if necessary.

The company can decide if hydraulic elevators are required or if other viable options are a better match to the situation. Efforts must be made to ensure that the building is aesthetically pleasing and has interior decorating that matches a house and is sure to strike a chord with a potential buyer’s taste and appeal.

Another reason the base must be extremely sturdy is the fact that taller the building, higher the effects of the wind on the building. This basically means there is a higher chance of the building swaying which can be dangerous. Designers in charge of designing the structure should pay attention to such details and ensure that the structure is designed to withstand such swaying effects and even torsional forces. The designers must also decide which type of material is best suited; if conventional methods like steel and concrete or new materials like carbon fibers is a better match. Light materials that are also strong minimize the forces on the foundations and make the building much safer. If the building sways a lot during strong winds, it can have serious consequences on the structure of the building and will also make the residents feel uncomfortable with living there. Attention must also be given to ensuring there are proper and marked fire exit routes in case of any fire break outs.