How To Organize An Interesting And Memorable (Live) Event?

Organizing events that are both interesting and memorable can be very challenging. After all, depending on the audience (and if they are a general audience or a specific genre) the challenges that you have to face can vary. But regardless to whether your event is organized on behalf of a corporation or an educational institution, there are a few things and tips in common that help in making any event interesting. Read ahead and find below what our experts have to say regarding this.
The presence and the absence of a shutterbug
Hiring a camera crew to shoot an event has two major advantages. For one, it gives you (and your audience, if you distribute it or upload it online) memories of the event. And the other advantage is that it makes your audience naturally straighten up and pay attention; at least so that they don’t get caught sleeping in the video. If it’s not something you can afford, or something you prefer, then make video taking unofficial and interesting by loaning out handheld video cams to the audience, and asking them to shoot interesting parts of the event. Having a hashtag created specifically for the event is also a fun way of collecting the audiences’ videos.
The master of ceremonies
Apart from a cameraman, hiring an interesting and efficient MC for your event is one of the best ways to ensure that your event is interesting and memorable for the audience. When hiring the master of ceremonies for your event, make sure that they are capable of handling unexpected situations and last minute changes in the event. Someone who is funny and has a good rapture with people in general will make a really good candidate.
Don’t be afraid to hire live entertainment
Most people avoid hiring live entertainment, as they feel this may distract the audiences’ attention away from their primary subject. But it’s been proved that having live entertainment, be it an MC, and live band or live dancing, can be advantages as well. If, by chance, your event doesn’t go as planned, or you have to make a few last-minute changes; you can use the live entertainment to distract your audience. But if you are strictly opposing the idea of hiring such talents, then depending on the nature of your event, you can also consider playing a few interactive games to fill in the gaps and get back the audiences’ attention.
Remember to send your audience back home with a token to remember your event and help them jolt their memories regarding it. What you hand out depends largely on what kind of event you are hosting.