Rundown Of Furnishings To Match The Theme

If you are the proprietor of any kind of cash-flow business then you will know how important it is for an establishment to have decor in Dubai that match its ambience and theme. Here is a quick rundown of various popular themes and the furnishings that match.

Italian Vibes

There are two kinds of Italian eateries: the casual ones and the high-end ones. The restaurant design of the cheaper, more casual places leans towards checked table cloths, lively music and pizza. There may or may not be frescoes on the walls and the overall ambience is of a jolly kind. The more high-end places tend to be a little more sombre, with operatic arias playing, rather than lively dance music. Walls are usually adorned with Rubenesque frescoes and with prints of famous Italian paintings like the Mona Lisa. The furniture is either very heavy and dark, or very slim and dainty.

1920’s America

This is reserved more for tea clubs and bars but the Prohibition era – ironically – is a very popular theme among the liquor salons. There are lots of hidden lights and bars in those days had to remain incognito. Resturant fit out in in Dubai even have vintage furniture sometimes and may oblige you for an extra fee. The furniture has no particular style, but is usually more about functionality than style or comfort since the goal was to cram as many people as possible into a bar. Bar stools were very popular, as were mirrored walls designed to make cramped spaces look bigger. The music was slow and leaned towards the African-American R&B scene or towards crooners.

Casual Kitchen

These types of eateries are more popular among the casual crowd who simply want good food at a good price and will drop in for a casual lunch. The most dominant furnishing in these places is the kitchen which is usually open to the public. Some kitchens are situated right in the middle of the restaurant, providing entertainment and excitement to onlookers as chefs toss and turn ingredients on open fires. Their furniture is usually matched down to the last detail and feature straight backed chairs, placed usually 4 per table. Depending on the colour scheme, there will be paintings and photos on the wall of beautiful scenery, mostly of nature. Music will usually be a radio tuned to a popular channel.

These are only some of the most popular types of establishments that exist. There are many others with various themes with furnishings that match. Bottom line is that if you decide to go ahead and open a place tomorrow, you have to keep a theme in mind and try to communicate that clearly to the customer through your furnishings.