Surprise Ideas For A Best Friend’s Birthday

Apart from your family, your friends are the most important part in your world. We don’t know anyone who will disagree with us on it. And as special as they are, when their birthdays come around, we try our best to make it as special as them. Unfortunately, when it comes to friends, gifts can get a little complicated. This is mainly because of how special they are to us. But if you want to give them a surprise instead, then the options are a little easier to figure out. The biggest issue here is figuring out what kind of surprise will please your friend the most. Read ahead to find a few of our ideas.

The traditional surprises

This usually includes the traditional parties with birthdays cakes and all the other usual surprises that comes with it. This works really well if you haven’t been around your friend for a while, or if they live away from their home. If possible, get all their other friends and family members to join you, journeying together to surprise them.

A private version of it

There are many of us who can’t stand the thought of crowds; even if it’s a crowd that has gathered for the soul purpose of celebrating our birthday. If your friend is someone like that, then a huge, splashy party might not work for them. Try to make it an intimate party, with only their closest friends and family members involved. You can even plan it on someone else’s home to keep the surprise much easily.

An online party

Unfortunately for us, not all of us are always around our friends; even during some of their important birthdays and occasions. Some of travel so far, that even if we want to, we can’t get back home to our friends in time for their celebration. If this is the case with you and your friends, an online party can work best for you. Arrange for a flower delivery Dubai to happen at a particular time (preferably in the morning), and ask them to get online. Make it a group call, so all your other friends can join in too.

When the gift is the surprise

If you are able to physically take your friend out somewhere for a while, this could be turned into a gift. Instead of “kidnapping” them on the day of their birthday, opt to make up an emergency a few days earlier, and get them to their surprise. A surprise vacation, a week or weekend at a spa, or even a resort holiday for all of you will work great here.