Tips On Moving To Abu Dhabi

Are you someone who enjoys spontaneous plans? What about adventures and exploring? If you are, then let us tell you that there’s no bigger adventure than moving to another country. The simple thought of it, of packing up and moving permanently across the seas and to the unknown, should give you a thrill.
But we understand that when it comes to moving a family, you’d naturally want to dim down the spontaneous plans and surprises. After all, children don’t settle and adjust to situations like we do. So here are our tips and suggestions for when you move to Abu Dhabi; to make sure you don’t find any surprises!
Be very sure of your job
If you plan on going there, and then finding a job; we’re afraid that might not go too well. Not for a job that pays substantially at least. Most companies and work places usually has a prior to arrive contract; a contract that involves health, family and even holidays.
Look into expat clubs
This is a brilliant idea if you’ve never lived as an expat before. There are many expats clubs found in social media platforms. They can give you tips and suggestions for packing (like how it’s wiser to pack a few extra bottles of your favorite shampoo!), what you needn’t bring along (like pots and pans), and even help you find certain things; be it saloons, or schools.
Finding schools
Change is hard on children as it is, so try to avoid big surprises when it concerns them. You can take your pick from among the best international schools in Abu Dhabi, and select the school that matched your child’s school back home. And here, by matching, we are of course talking about the curriculums and the exam systems.
Be prepared for the heat
Apart from enrolling them into the best private schools or international schools of the capital city, you need to prepare your children, especially, for the heat. And this means taking more precautions than simply telling them about it. Light summer dresses, sun block and sandals are a must in our opinion. So is a fully functioning air-conditioner installed for your home.
Your makeup won’t be the same
If you used to call a mild weathered country or city your home, then perhaps your makeup won’t stand much of a chance against the capital city’s heat. Be prepared to adjust to it. Also, be prepared to use a good quality sunblock as part of your makeup.
Reaching home might not be very easy
Some social media sites/platforms and communication platforms have been blocked in the middle east completely. Unfortunately, this includes skype. Don’t worry though; people keep finding newer and better mediums everyday…simply take your pick from among a newer versions…!